The color wheel on the left was designed as a key to understanding the collective's use of color and crystals. It can be used as a guide to decoding the meanings of the drawings. This collaborative suite of eight drawings by Hilma's Ghost was created through a series of readings from the duo's deck by professional witch, Sarah Potter. Tegeder and Ray used the card pulls for compositional inspiration, while drawing upon their considerable knowledge of color and pigment to imbue the drawings with color and crystal magic. Likening the drawings to 'hidden gems,' the duo harnessed the innate vibrational energy of specific colors and crystals to imagine the drawings as talismans, each with their own special power.

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The ABSTRACT FUTURES TAROT deck by Hilma's Ghost is an abstract Tarot deck that responds to the original Rider-Waite deck, which is the most popular deck in distribution in the world today. Illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith, that deck harbors the occult belief systems that prevailed in both America and Europe throughout the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries and is commonly held to be the first deck used solely for the purposes of divination. More than a century later, Brooklyn-based artists, Tegeder and Ray, have taken an abstract lens to the cards’ rich symbolism to interpret their signs and symbols to generate divinatory meanings that can be unlocked through an interpretation of abstract forms.

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1. Cosmic Geometries - LR -7.jpg

Cosmic Geometries is a group exhibition of 25 intergenerational and intersectional artists curated by Hilma's Ghost at EFA Project Space. The exhibition examines the spiritual and aesthetic functions of abstract painting and geometry in art. The artists deploy a range of painterly devices to create cosmic and transcendental visions that combine esoteric world traditions with the language of Modernism. Learn more. 

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Tegeder and Ray worked together for more than 500 hours, blending their distinct styles, to construct the 5 paintings and 78 drawings for the ABSTRACT FUTURES TAROT deck. The original drawings are done on Fabriano Murillo paper with a combination of gouache, ink, and colored pencils and are directly proportional in size to the Tarot card dimensions. The paintings were created from Tarot readings from the deck. The duo used the readings as a compositional tool for the paintings, which are made from acrylic, flashe, spray paint, and ink on stretched canvas.